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"つなぐ" をコンセプトに2018AWにブランドをスタート。


『 モノがヒトをつなぎ、ヒトがヒトをつなぎ、ヒトがモノをつなぐ


YOKE was launched in 2018AW with the concept of connect.

Things connect people, people connect people, and people connect things.

Dozens of people are involved in the process of making a single piece of clothing,  from raw materials, thread, fabric, cutting, sewing, and finishing, until it becomes a finished product. I am very conscious of this, and try to make products within my own reach, from design to production. I also hope that the items of the brand will be connected to various people. We are particular about materials and patterns, and propose sophisticated items that can be worn by unisex people, adding a contemporary essence to standard items.

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